How to play

PUZZLE & DRAGONS Nintendo Switch Edition features 3 play modes: Quest, PvP, and Custom Mode!

Main Menu

Quest Mode

Explore dungeons where monsters await!

– Select Dungeon

Select Dungeons

Play by yourself or with up to 4 friends!
Chain together combos and clear dungeons!

– Single-Player Screen

Single-Player Screen

– 4-Player Screen

4-Player Screen

PvP Mode

Compete for high scores with your rivals!

PvP Mode

World Matches pit you against players from around the world, Friend Matches feature lobby-based competition with friends, and Computer Matches let you practice with an AI opponent!
PvP Mode also features limited-time Event Dungeons!

PvP Mode

Custom Mode

You can create and play your own dungeons!
Combine monsters, backgrounds, and background music to create your own original dungeons!
– Place Monsters

Place Monster

– Set Background



Complete Achievements to receive Egg Machine pulls, Avatars, and dungeon customization items!



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